Referral Report



To enrich visitor’s experience in Southampton City Art Gallery, I chose 3 IDEO methods to make a research of visitors in the gallery. They are Secondary Research, Survey & Questionnaires, and Behavioral Mapping.

Firstly, I used the “secondary research” method to start my research. I got some basic information on this gallery from their website. For example, opening time, address, activities, and current exhibitions.

When I went to this gallery, I visited it by myself at first. I had a general sense of this gallery from some aspect like the space layout of the gallery, equipment & facilities and navigation system. I found there is a very popular exhibition hold on recently: the zebra exhibition. I am guessing may be lots of visitors are coming for this. Then I used the “Behavioral Mapping” method by starting observing visitors’ behavior. From their visiting routine to their movement, I draw a simple behavior map after that. I found that most of the visitors will take a photo of zebras. And some of the visitors were really enjoyed with exhibits. There is another type of visitors who come with friends. I think there are more than one type of visitors in this gallery.

Then I start doing “Survey & Questionnaires”. I have done 30 questionnaires which collected users’ background in the gallery. When visitors finished the questionnaires, I always made a short interview with them. And I found lots of things I can’t know by observing. After interviewing them, I got visitors’ true feeling, thinking, motivation, needs and pain points. Then I understand which type of users they are. It can be divided into four types of visitors: who only come for zebras; who enjoyed with art, who work with art and tourists. This is very helpful for my persona and user experience map.

Finally, I organized these research data and use it to make four personas and a user experience map.


questionnaires & behavior mapping

take photo with zebra

watching exhibits

leaflets in the gallery

workshop in the corner







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