In this brief 4, my task is to organize, analyse and reflect (Comprehend) on the research material in my Collect Box (Brief 3) and develop a magazine that communicates my research and findings in an engaging way to a wider audience. To complete this task, I started with reading all materials again and selected some materials which I would put into my magazine. Then I made a page plan and comprehend a content of “recycling in China” from my research.


At the beginning, I was try to put everything I found on my magazine. I found some materials doesn’t have any meaning actually when I was editing my magazine. Then I started analysing and thinking what story I want to communicate? I decided go back to do more research to support my project and help me identify a small topic. After this research and analysing all the materials I decided to put 3 part (primary research, secondary research and analysis) on my magazine to shape my project. At the same time, I generated my research question.


The whole process of making this magazine actually is a chance for me to organize and analyse my research which really helped me to reviewing my thinking process of my final project. I believe this magazine will be very useful for me in the near future. I picked up some important information which is able to present the process of how I get to my research question. Besides, I put analysis and comments to explain what I have learnt from these materials, how these materials inspired me and why I put them here. I think this magazine can be a guide book which I can refer back quickly.


Firstly, I will continue to put my research and development into the magazine. To reflect on learning by doing theory, I will try to tell my story better and make an efficient communication with audience through my magazine. Secondly, I will use more innovation methods to research my project and making a clear and visible analysis. Then put these to my magazine. I think it will shape my project better. Last thing, I think I need to redesign my navigation of my magazine. I will consider the story and try to present a clear navigation and direction which can easily and clearly communicate with audiences.




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