In this brief 3, my task is to collect a range of material which relevant to the subject area I chosen for my final project. I decided to choose smart city as my subject area. I reviewed lectures and relevant resources of smart city which I learned in last semester. I was interested in the area of waste management schemes. Waste management is really a big problem in China. A social important fact is that resources become depleted and compared with the perfect recycling system in UK, I decided to research on Chinese waste management. I started with a draft research question “how to encourage people to recycle in China”. I started primary research with a small topic “household waste (old useless stuff)”. I made questionnaires, interviewed some people and made photo & collect board. In the secondary research stage, I collected many materials by reading academic papers, journals, articles, news and finding some design projects by other designers.


In the primary research stage, I took photo of rubbish bins on the street and communities at first. I found the rubbish bins on street are lack of recycling signs. Besides, people lack of awareness of garbage classification. Then I made an investigation about household waste by using questionnaires and interviews. I also asked my friends to take photo of their household waste for me. I found some of people like keeping things at home, some of them just directly throw old stuff away. Most of these people want to deal with these old stuff to reuse or recycle, but they don’t know how and where they can deal with. These findings let me thinking how can I help them to improve these problems. As a result, I found many materials in the secondary research stage.


I think collect box is a good way to make me start my final project. It is about collection in “5C Model”. At first, I am not very clear about my direction, so I researched different area in big topic “waste and recycle”. Although these stuff not all relevant to my final project, but I get some inspiration from that. Some of these stuff also help me thinking and generating questions. For example, I visited an exhibition named “Xuzhen Supermarket” in Shanghai. This exhibition displayed kinds of daily necessities with well packaged in a store. But all these stuff are empty inside. This project aims to trigger the discussion on daily consumption culture. This made me thinking in today’s society the behavior of excessive packaging which promoted people’s consumption but also caused great waste.



In the future, I have lots of thing to do with my final project. Firstly, I will do more research to make my research question specific. I will use more research methods from Co-Creation and IDEO cards to do more research and help me to identify what problem I want to solve. Secondly, I need to do more experiments to test my thoughts and help me identify my target user for my project. Before I do the further research, I will make a brainstorming to generate some ideas about small areas within my topic. I think it will help me to research more efficient. At the same time, I will follow the 5C Model and “learning by doing” theory to manage my design process. Moreover, I will do analysis about the materials I found. Analysis is a very important stage which can help me sort out thoughts, generate new ideas and find insights. At last, the most important thing is that I need to identify the communication problem in my topic and figure out what message I want to communicate.



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