The task in this semester 2 is learning by doing and practicing in group works. After some team works, I understood the value of collaboration in a group work. And this week I have read an interview with IDEO CEO Tim Brown about collaborative culture and an article called “Richard Sennett on ‘Together’”. Based on these article and practice, I summarized some points about what I learned from collaboration.

Firstly, I understood that communication is the first most important thing in a group. Every person is different individuals and they have different ideas. So in a group, people need to build empathy and make decisions by communication. In my group work, communication really helps me to work with others. The most impressive thing is brainstorming with my team members. When I in the brainstorm process, we came out lots of ideas and we change and improve ideas by discussion and debate. This process really could inspire me and give me insight.

The second thing is that individual skills is also an important thing in a group. According to Tim Brown, if someone in a group who really don’t have a depth of skills and they really struggle, they will not get respect from the group. In my group works, every person all do their best for the team work. Each of us is responsible for our own part. This made us successfully finished our group assignments.

Moreover, how you speak to your team member is also a thing need to be noticed. If you start “I think…” or “I believe…” to demand for a response, it will be like a confrontational. However, in a group discussion, you need to make an open communication and invite participation to make a good teamwork. So that if you start with “It seems to me…” will be better. The fact is that each member in a group need to build collaboration rather than confrontation.

In my team collaboration, communication is both challenge and benefit. At first, communication is challenge for me, because each member has different thoughts. But after some discussion, I found communication is very important. We change ideas and improve ideas through communication. That is why I say it also challenge and benefit.


Figure 1. Brief 1 collaboration


Figure 2. Brief 2 collaboration


IDEO CEO Tim Brown: T-Shaped Stars: The Backbone of IDEO’s Collaborative Culture [online] Available at: http://chiefexecutive.net/ideo-ceo-tim-brown-t-shaped-stars-the-backbone-of-ideoae™s-collaborative-culture/ [Accessed 4 March 2016]

Richard Sennett on “Together” [online] Available at: https://patrickhadfield.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/richard-sennett-on-together/ [Accessed 4 March 2016]



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