In this group project, we investigated a contemporary technical system relevant to digital cities that is about a transport mobile application named “UBER”. At first, we collected information, analyzed them and present them on a data wall, a self-published zine. Then we created a storyboard about a possible future of our system and develop it into a 1-minute film.

1副本Figure1. Data Wall


00-01Figure2 & Figure3. Zine


I thought it is a really challenge for a three-week project and I had no idea with this brief at the beginning. But after we discussed with tutors and used two all days to deepen our research then we were clear about our project. In the process, I felt excited when we discussed and brainstorming to generating ideas. For the whole project, I feel very happy with our collaboration and our final outcomes.

11Figure4. The process of data wall

12Figure5. Process of brainstorm, discussion and the artefacts in film


We collaborated very well in the whole project. For the film, we showed our critical thinking that we compared the situation of our system between in nowadays and in future. But the future part in film was a little crazy. We did not consider the possible issues that will provoked by technical system.


I followed 5C Model theory in this project. From the beginning research to the final outcomes, I worked with my group in a division of labor cooperation.

According to Dunne & Raby: “Critical Design uses speculative design proposals to challenge narrow assumptions, preconceptions and givens about the role products play in everyday life.” Having reflected on this, I considered how our system (Uber) could be in the future. And based on my research findings at the beginning, I tried to generate questions and imagine problems which could be happened in the near future.


Firstly, I learnt how to cooperate with others. And I understood that communication is very important in a team work. Secondly, I learnt critical design theory. In this project, I synthesized a board range of research information and considered possible futures of our system with critical thinking. After that I discussed with my team member and came out a future fiction of our system which called “too much competition”.

Action Plan:

Firstly, I should have more communication with team members in the future group works. Secondly, I will follow 5C Model theory in the future project and apply theory into practice. (eg. Critical design theory, future mundane.) Finally, I also need to improve my software skills. (eg. PR, AE)

Video1. Uber: too many competition in future



Critical Design FAQ: Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby [online] Available at: http://www.dunneandraby.co.uk/content/bydandr/13/0&gt Accessed 28 January 2016]

Foster, N. (2013) The Future Mundane [online] Available at: http://www.core77.com/posts/25678/the-future-mundane-25678 [Accessed 2 February 2016]




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