After reading the article “Five Things I Learned on the Cannes’ Creative Data Innovation Jury” and watching the big bang data exhibition in the somerset house in London, I have learned something about creative data. Creative data is the thing that gives people insights which can amazed viewers in a visual way. It could make people thinking and generating interest, even find some new knowledge or information. Moreover, creative data is to present complicated things in a simple way and make communication more effective.

This exhibition displayed a large number of great work of data visualization. “Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.” This exhibition is to explore how the datafied world affects us all through the work of artists, designers, innovators and thinkers.

Below are some project in this exhibition:



This project is named “Dear Data”.

This project is created by two information designers. They are two person in different country. They record their everyday life for one year in a “slow data” transmission. They collect their personal data every week and use kinds of graphic elements to visualize these data on postcard and then send to each other. I think it is a creative way to record and share their life. And this more labour-intensive recording process could make people to start thinking and have a overview of their daily life.


This project is called”data.tron [WUXGA version]” by Ryoji Ikeda in 2007.

“Ryoji Ikeda is an electronic composer and visual artist. He tackles the infinite scale of the world’s data in this immersive installation. He invites you to experience the universe of data that exists in the infinite space between 0 and 1. Every point in this vast sea of pixels has been strictly calculated by mathematical formulas and data sets.”

I really like this one. This project was placed in a dark room. When I walk in, I saw a huge screen, which is constantly changing numbers. At the same time, I heard the voice from the screen. It likes a audiovisual concert. He focuses on the essential characteristics of sound and visuals through mathematical precision and aesthetics. It is very impressive.



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