WEEK11-My musePAD project report

My musePAD project is an application named “Tailcoat”. This project aims to digitally enhance visitors experience in the museum. I choose tailcoat from fashion space as my target exhibit. After the research and deep user study, I find some problems that are influencing people`s experience in the museum. Then I use persona and user experience to illustrate people`s needs, goals and wants when they interact in the museum.



According to design thinking, I try to empathy with users. Design thinking really help me to focus on users` needs and wants. So I try to design an app that could offer user  better experience and meet their needs and wants.

The problem is that some people thought the information of exhibits are less for them to know about the exhibits. As a result, my project is design an app that by offering users more sufficient information of exhibit to enhance their experience in the museum. I try to make my application simple and easy to use. It only has three functions to help users easy to achieve their goals.

NEW ppm A2-01.jpg

First one is the introduction of exhibit that with sufficient text and visual information. The second one is to help people know more about the development and changes of tailcoat in that period by a time line. The last one is to show the apply of tailcoat in daily life by videos.

At the same time, I try to use the principles of interaction design on my application. I put the navigation icon in the same place of each page. And using the same color, font, style to make this app keep consistency. Besides, I considered the habit of user interaction to make my screen easy to understand and learnable. These reflects the principles of interactions design.

After the design process, I went to the Discovery Centre in Winchester to test this application. There are some strengths and weaknesses of my project. From the user testing feedback, this application do really could help user acquire the information of the tailcoat. And it also can help people to achieve their goals by the simple navigation. However, this app also has some weakness. The first one is in the exhibit introduction screen, users have some problem to switch to the details page. The navigation is not clear in this page. Moreover, they did not find the icon of the detail picture of the exhibits. The next thing is the introduction page is fixed, it limits users` interaction in a certain extent. The last thing, although this app do helpful for people, but how it could be inviting and how it could attracting people to use?


After user testing, there are something I need to consider and improve. Firstly, I need to organized the information again and find more qualitative information to find what users really needs. Than I need to think about the content of the application, how to make it useful and inviting. All the time, I need to consider the persona and the principle of interaction design.




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