Blog is an efficient way to help us to review our course and what we have learned. This week, I have reviewed some of my classmate’s blogs. After that, I have concluded five elements that make for a successful reflective blog.

1.Recording all the time

Recording is important for daily life and design work. At the beginning, you do not know what is useful to you. So recording all the time is important for you to record everything you will need. Moreover, recording will be very useful for you to review what you have done. Sometimes you will find something inspire you from what you have recorded and collected. Minky and Kofi have put many records of daily life and design process in their blog.


Minky’s blog: https://minkyxia.wordpress.com


Kofi’s blog: https://kofihuang.wordpress.com

2.Sketching ideas/Visualizing information

Use sketch to illustrate your ideas. Sketch is useful to help you to do brainstorming and describe your ideas quickly. Sometimes people will not interesting with the words and text at the beginning, you can visualizing your ideas by sketching. In the same time, sketching can help people to understand your idea more easier. This is an example of sketching ideas from Rita.


Rita’s blog: https://yunmuzi.wordpress.com

3.Use image and video as example

Use image and video as example to help readers make sense. Sometimes people can not totally understand the meaning by reading text content. You should put images or videos to help people to understand the content. Images and videos also can attract reader’s attention. Below are examples from Rui and Njoo’s blog.


Rui’s blog: https://ruiwang2015.wordpress.com

Njoo’s blog: https://njoodewi.wordpress.com

4.Individual thoughts, conclusion and feedback

You need to put your own thoughts in your blog. Writing a blog is to show your opinion and create empathy with readers. It is also a learning process. Sometimes you will learn something or get some inspiration from the process of thinking, concluding and making feedback. Besides, showing your own thoughts and conclusion is a feedback of what you have learned. As a result, showing your individual thoughts is important for your study and making a successful blog.

5.Everything is referenced

It is very important to referenced everything you used from other place. This is an example of reference list in Juliana’s blog.juJuliana’s blog: https://jnegretep.wordpress.com



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