After read two articles and watched videos, and combined with the case of the reinvented Cleveland Museum of Art, I found three principles are important for me to design my MusePAD project. There are three points below.

1.offer user better experience and meet their needs

Generally, museum is an academic and uninteresting place. There are huge information in there. Most of visitors can not remember everything. We need to use technology to help visitors know more about exhibits. But the technology is not the point. We can’t just focus on develop technology. We need to figure out what are visitors thing? What are they feeling? What are they needs? And we need to make the technology predicated on the art itself. Thus we can design for visitors to enhance their experience and meet their needs. And make the technology is useful for users.

For my own project, I need to find out what is the most important thing and what is the most needed information about the display to visitors. And use the technology to prove users experience and meet their needs.

This is an example that people create the museum journey by themselves.

2.interaction need easy and simple

As I mentioned before, museum is uninteresting and full of information. If we want to offer visitors a better museum experience, we can design technology to achieve it. We need to build a connection between the art with visitors. In a museum, people would not like  pay many attention on a complex technology. Visitors want get the feedback from technology immediately when they stand in front of one exhibit. As a result we need to make the interaction easy and simple to users.

“The greatest mistake any interaction designer can make is to presume that the audience is willing to invest time learning some new-fangled bit of tech. Just think of the last time you played with a new smartphone app, played with it for 10 seconds, and never opened it again. Complexity kills; so does simplicity without a nice payoff. Interactions have to be lightweight.” (Fast Company, 2013)

This is a video about technology provide visitors richer information about the art on display.

3.make interaction interesting

“If something isn’t fun immediately, walking away is easy.”

There are also many visitors would not want to try new things like technology even we have already designed technology that they can interact with exhibits. Besides, if the technology or interaction are boring and no attraction, people also will not use it. So We need to extended peoples curiosity about the objects in front of them. And we need to design the technology attractive and make the interaction interesting. For my own project, I also need to figure out how to make the interaction interesting and attractive.

This is a case of visitors interact with technology. It is very interesting.


Design INDABA, 2015. Jake Barton on how to create meaningful interactions through technology. [Online] Available at: http://bit.ly/206QDO7 [Accessed 27 October 2015].

Fast Company, 2013. 5 Lessons In UI Design, From A Breakthrough Museum. [Online] Available at: http://bit.ly/1GCwoRN [Accessed 27 October 2015].



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