“Personas are archetypes built to identify our real users profile, needs, wants and expectations in order to design best possible experience for them.”

Persona is a tool which be used in design process. Personas are fictional characters that profile specific users. It is an example of the type of person who would interact with a product or a thing. Personas can help designers understand their real user’s real needs, goals, and feels. A persona is not about customer likes and dislikes. Personas concentrate on what users do, what frustrates the user, and what gives the user satisfaction. Personas can provide details and answer to specific questions. They are observations and descriptions of why a person does what he/she does. Sometimes designers don’t know what is better for users, so personas can help them know users requirements. If designer s don’t know who they’re designing for, they can’t actually design anything.

Below is 7 core ideas about personas and the user experience.

1. Personas predate UX Research

2. A persona is not a hypothetical customer invented by the marketing department

3. A persona is not about customer likes and dislikes

4. Personas answer very specific questions

5. Personas can provide a very real benefit for user experience research

6. Don’t Overdo the Persona Process

7. Opinions are good but motivation is better

This is an example of persona.



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